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Feel free to ask the staff at Dewey Beach Watersports whatever crosses your mind! Are you questioning safety? Don’t hesitate to ask, contact us here.

Jet Ski FAQs

If you cannot find an answer to your question please ask!

To operate a jet ski, you must be at least 18yrs old with a valid driver's license.
We allow one driver and one passenger per Jet Ski. We don’t allow three people on a Jet Ski. Riding three at a time is dangerous.
No, our rental price is all inclusive, no hidden fees/passenger charges.
Yes, there is a combined weight limited of 375lbs per Jet Ski. We reserve the right to make judgment calls based on passenger weight. This is for your safety and overall enjoyment. Putting two larger adult customers on the Jet Ski together increases the chance of capsizing the Jet Ski. Capsizing the ski causes the rider to fall off and can also sink and/or damage the vessel which is ultimately the renter’s responsibility. Safety is our #1 priority!
No, there is no taking turns or sharing. However, we do allow switching of passengers (see below).
Yes, we are one of the only rental locations in Maryland/Delaware that will allow switching of passenger. For example an adult driver can take one child out for 30min and return to pick up another passenger. We would rather do it this way instead of putting an adult and two kids on the ski at the same time. Only one switch per hour rental. We do not allow switching of passengers for 1/2 hour rentals. We don’t allow 3 people on the Jet Ski at any time....Again, safety is our #1 priority.
Passengers must be at least 6yrs old.
We operate on the Rehoboth Bay. Our riding area is very large. In general, our riding area is well over 2 square miles, which is plenty of room to ride. We always have a “guide” on the water with our renters to assist with boundaries and departing/returning to the dock area. The “guides” are there to ensure safety and enhance the customer experience. The “guides” do work for tips! So, “if you enjoy your ride, tip your guide!”
If a renter damages a Jet Ski they are fully responsible (just like a rental car). With that being said, we go over all the rules and necessary operating procedures before you hit the water. You can view or download a copy of our Release of Liability/PWC Renter Orientation Checklist/Safety and Damage Agreement using the link at the top of this page.
Yes, that is called a “modified day”. We still rent Jet Skis, however, we don’t recommend taking out younger kids as passengers when it is rough. As driver/operator…’ll have a great time….it will just be a bit wet. Also, we don’t allow two adults (full grown) on the ski at the same time on a “modified day”. Single riders and light doubles only! This minimizes the possibility of capsizing the vessel. Safety is our #1 priority!

Most of the weather forecasts for the Maryland and Delaware shore come from far away and as a result are usually inaccurate (in terms of precipitation). In addition, shore weather can be fickle and often isolated. For example, it may be raining in Bethany Beach and sunny in Dewey Beach. Often they will forecast a 50% chance of rain and we don't get a single drop, where as other times they forecast a 10% chance of rain and it rains all day.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Make the reservations for when you would like to go and in the event of inclement weather we will contact you to re-schedule for later that day or another day. You can always call prior to your reservation to get a weather update from us. You can rest assured that the managers and staff at Dewey Beach Watersports constantly monitor the weather ( in real time) to ensure a safe and memorable trip! If weather becomes an issue during your rental, we will be happy to issue a rain check or a pro-rated refund for the time left on your rental.

Yes, feel free to inquire about end of the season Jet Ski sales. We operate Yamaha Jet Skis. We follow a strict factory maintenance schedule and the ski’s are flushed with fresh water every single day. We also sell both single and tandem trailers and can help to arrange for shipping if necessary. Don’t miss out! This is a great way to own a Jet Ski!